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Home Appliance Repair Services


A broken down refrigerator means spoiling of your foods and beverages, and there is little time to waste. Whether your refrigerator is leaking water from the ice maker, not cooling well, emits noise during operations or is simply dead, then, look no further richout the best home appliance repair services offered by Polland and Sons.
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Stand-alone Freezers Repair

Stand-alone freezers

If you freezer is getting abnormally warm and is failing to keep the internal temperature sufficiently cool for your foods and beverages, give Polland and Sons, a call. We have the best technicians to take care of the problems, and restore it back to original state. We also have the best components to ensure proper replacement of parts.
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Ranges Services


Has your gas or electric range stopped working, preheating very slow, having reduced maximum temperature or giving you locked door issues? Call the experienced servicing professionals of Polland and Sons to find out the problem and restore it within the shortest timeframes. We offer 100% warranty on our repair or replacement work, and you can be assured of fully professional services.
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Ovens Repair


If your oven has broken down and giving you a hard time, we, at Polland and Sons, have the best repair service team to take care of the issue. Whether you want repair service for a non-working oven or simply need some oven maintenance from time to time, you can easily rely on us.
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If your electric or gas cool top is having a tough time staying alight or even lightening up, give Polland and Sons, a call. Our technicians carry a wide range of spare parts to fix your broken cook top. We can also provide you with cook top maintenance services from time to time.
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Whether you need dishwasher repair of maintenance services, we are there for you. With a team of highly expert techs who are efficient at diagnosing and rectifying problems in dishwashers, Polland and Son is confident of taking care of door issues, water leakage, not draining, not starting, not filling and many other problems.
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If your washer is leaking water, failing to spin or even failing to start at all, you can simply give Polland and Sons a call. We have expert technicians to offer repair services, routine maintenance and replacement, to ensure that your washer runs properly again. We repair all major models.
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Whether your dryer is making strange noises, taking longer time to dry or refusing to start at all, you can safely rely on the repair service professionals of Polland and Sons. We have trained personnel who are experts at fixing common as well as complicated problems in dryers.
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When your icemaker goes for a toss, you have no ice cubes to keep your drinks cool. But you can safely rely on our technicians to fix all internal problems and make it run as properly as before. Full cube, half cube, nugget, flake or specialty ice makers, we, at Polland and Sons, can fix all types.
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The technicians at Polland and Sons can fix all microwave problems, whether you have a combo unit or a standalone built-in microwave. Whether you need repairs for door handle, keypad, door latch or any other issues, we can send our team and carry out efficient repairs fast and within your budget. Just give us a call!
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Trash compactors

Whether you have freestanding, under the counter or convertible trash compactor to service or repair- we, at Polland and Sons, have the best team to take care of it. Whether the compactor emits noise, smells bad, fails to open or even work properly, our technicians can do a proper repair job and ensure smooth operations again.
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Why Choose Us

Here at Polland and Sons, we strive for complete customer satisfaction. Your referral is our ultimate success. For every service call, we will send a professional, factory trained technician who will arrive when scheduled. We always provide complete estimates with zero surprises. We honor manufacturer's warranties and hold Colorado licenses and insurance. We look forward to serviceing your Applicance Repair needs.

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Area we service

If you live in any of these areas, schedule an appointment with us today and get our expert Appliance Repair Brighton CO services quickly. We do not make a 100% promise that we can fix all your appliances every time. In such cases, we can ensure a replacement. We are efficient with our services and have a wide variety of common components to replace appliance parts that commonly fail. Polland and Sons offers full warranty on every appliance that we repair, and you can get full assurance that you have got your broken down equipment professionally repaired.


  • Prompt and competitive solutions Excellent team consisting of highly professional, friendly and courteous technicians! I got my stove fixed quickly, and the fees were quite reasonable. It is very easy to schedule an appointment and avail repair serv

  • Repairs just like you would want Our cook top was giving some problems, and the local repair service team put its hands up. I was in two minds when I called Polland and Sons repair team. But the service was a dream, and the issue was fixed in almost

  • Finally, a repair service worth a referral When my fridge stopped working after noisy operations for some days, I needed a fast repair service. It was summer at its peak, and I feared my hams going rotten. Professionals of Polland and Sons appeared

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